About SSK

We grow, distribute, and export premium quality fruits and vegetables

Our Promise

At Suan Srakaew, we are committed and determined to grow and harvest fruits and vegetables of the highest quality for our valued customers who appreciate healthy and hygienic fresh produce.

Our Story


Our journey began when we started planting fruit and growing vegetables in our humble garden in Sa Kaeo, Thailand

Planted Solo Sunrise variety of Hawaiian Papaya. Our first harvest was sold exclusively at Tops Supermarket

Our first expansion: 75 rais (30 acres) for a local papaya variety, Kaek Dum.

Suan Srakaew’s produce started being sent to Thai Airways, the country’s premier airline. The company registered as a legal entity under the name of C.O. Suan Srakaew Company Limited

Supplied to Gate Gourmet (Thailand) and The Mall and Seiyu (Thailand)

Started growing organic vegetables and Sunrise papaya together with farmers in Srakaew province

The Provincial Agricultural Office declared us a ‘must-visit’ destination when touring Sa Kaeo

Certified as a producer and seller of safe and hygienic fruits and vegetables by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

Established the Sakaeo Garden Farmers Group, a trusted network where farmers could learn and share tips, tricks, and ideas

Participated in the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification program by Kasetsart University

Registered as a community enterprise: Papaya Growers, Suan Srakaew, Baan Klong Wai

Participated in the Analysis of Papaya for Consumption using Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Project

Contributing funds for joint research on “how to reduce loss when ripening papaya on commercial scales” of Industrial Technology Assistance Program (ITAP), organized and supported by National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

Awarded with the Thailand Trusted Mark (TTM) from the Ministry of Commerce and started contributing funds for joint research projects of ITAP, organized and supported by NSTDA

Suan Srakaew received the first and first runner-up awards for papaya at Kaset Fair organized by Kasetsart University and we first introduced “Ruby Mango” to the market

Signature of Quality

To meet our objective in producing fruits of the highest quality, it is important for us to reinforce the quality chains. To uphold our organization value, SSK and participating farmers must consistently adhere to the Quality, Value added, Development, and Safety (QVaDS) principles.

Quality is the core value of Suan Srakaew. From the very beginning, we have instilled this value in our quality control chains; from choosing the right farmland to sourcing the best seeds to planting and tending the crops up to harvesting, all based on Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) ensuring high-quality products that meet the market needs. We pay attention to the post-harvesting process, ensuring that our produce reaches consumers on time and in good condition.

Value added is the energy force that keeps us strong. We provide information on the characteristics of our products and how they differ from others. We focus on nutritional values and chemical-free produce. Farm visits and fruit picking/tasting are always welcome. Our produce is carefully packed reflecting our care and commitment in delivering the best-quality products to our valued customers.

People Development – At Suan Srakaew, we and the farmers move forward together on the road of development. We set a clear vision, provide training and know-how, resulting in higher standards of living for the farmers. In developing sustainable agriculture, care for the environment is taken into consideration.

Product Development – The world’s environment is rapidly changing. We develop new fruit varieties that are pest- and disease-resistant, thus reducing the use of chemicals. We develop fruit varieties that meet customers’ taste and demands. We use the latest technologies for our processed fruits.

Market Development – In order to meet our customers’ requirements, we seek feedback, comments, and suggestions from our valued customers using different channels of communication. Farm visits are always welcome.

We pay attention to and are the leader in food safety. With Integrated Pest Management, we ensure that both farmers and consumers are safe from harmful chemicals. We are the first grower/seller of Hawaiian papaya variety in Thailand to be certified for fruits and vegetables safety in 2000 and GAP-certified in 2004 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

As a supplier to airlines catering, we joined the GAP program and are periodically audited by Kasetsart University. Food safety is our priority and we are now preparing for Global GAP certification. We strongly believe that food safety is the key factor in developing our sustainable agricultural sector.