Our Products

Fresh, seasonal produce grown in bountiful orchards and farmlands


Aroma Papaya

Originated in South America, Aroma Papaya was first introduced and grown in Thailand in 1989. This type of papaya is beautiful in shape, color, and aroma, and sweet in taste.


Ruby Mango

Ruby mangoes have bright ruby red skin and beautiful golden flesh, with a mild taste and aroma. Bright, sweet, and always juicy, our ruby mangoes are the pride of Thailand.


Golden Mango

Also known as “Nam Dok Mai,” this mango has beautiful golden skin and sweet, soft flesh. It’s the perfect complement for traditional Thai desserts and exotic dishes.


Rainbow Mango

Grown and developed in the Royal Orchard, this type of mango has an assortment of colours and a sweet, refreshing taste.


Dragon Fruit

Offering both Red and White varieties, our Dragon Fruits are packed with nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants.



Often called the “Dragon’s Eyes,” this fruit is sweet, juicy, and rich in nutrients. It can be processed and consumed as dried or canned in syrup.


Galia Melon

Galia melon is juicy, sweet, and best served on its own or in salads. We imported seeds from Israel and plant them in the optimum conditions of Central Thailand.



Crowned as the “Queen of Fruits,” our mangosteens are carefully grown and hand-picked from bountiful, prime orchards.


Organic Vegetables

We produce a wide variety of vegetables through stringent crop management and within pest control regulations.


Dehydrated Fruits

SSK’s dehydrated fruits are soft, tasty and aromatic, without preservatives. They’re the perfect healthy tropical treat for you and your loved ones.